Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Big Hand for Grilled Cheese (Book Review)

It's not my 21st birthday nor my first apartment.  In fact I'm a retired senior in my 30+ year home.  "Grilled Cheese & Beer" by Kevin Vanblarcum and James Edward Davis is an adventure in cheeses, toppings, breads and beverages.  For me, it was a welcome opportunity to try something new.

The book is divided in chapters by skill level. 
  • Basics
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Let's Get Crazy
My testings include Johnny Appleseed (pictured above) from Chapter One, topped with thinly sliced apples and caramelized onion which made for a delicious luncheon.
The Big Kahuna is from Chapter Two, a delicious combo of roasted pork, Havarti, and grilled pineapple.

Twilight Provolone from Chapter Three has shaved beef and an egg over easy.  It was a 4 napkin meal without a crumb left on the plate.

The Sweet Treat from Chapter Four has creamy cheese, berries, chocolate and cinnamon.  This was a delicious way for me to start my summery day.

Grilled Cheese & Beer is easy to navigate, with two pages per recipe-one page with pictures and the adjourning page for the recipe and beverage pairing.

Like the variety in ingredients, there are choices for equipment.  Pan, oven, toaster oven and grill are all options.

Toppings include many fruits and vegetables:  avocados,  asparagus, pickled beets, cucumbers and spinach are a few of the choices.  Proteins accompaniments include beef, pork, poultry, tuna and egg.  Garnishes or glazes include honey, balsamic reduction, horseradish, cherry jam, barbecue sauce, pesto, salsa and maple syrup.  Potatoes and soba noodles are in recipes too.

I enjoyed the new combinations for this old favorite.  I was able to use ingredients I have on hand and to try some new.  I made modifications to adjust to smaller servings, less fat and sugar that is my normal routine.  I stopped at our local bakery to try some new breads and rolls.



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Grilled Cheese & Beer Cookbook
Perfect for Dads and Grads

May 19, 2017 (New York, NY): GRILLED CHEESE & BEER is spiced with wit and a passion for all things grilled cheese and beer, with easy-to-follow instructions that make it perfect for any skill level. It contains over 50 one-of-a-kind grilled cheese sandwich recipes, perfectly paired with craft beers designed to draw out the full flavor of each ingredient.

GRILLED CHEESE & BEER is the perfect gift for dads especially those who enjoy grilling and drinking some cold brew. It's also ideal for any recent graduates looking for a fun cookbook full of simple, delicious sandwiches. Combining an extensive knowledge of beer making, food, and good humor, authors Kevin VanBlarcum and Eddie Davis have created a very special collection that will thrill sandwich lovers everywhere.

Check out some recipe names from GRILLED CHEESE & BEER: Bacon Me Crazy, Muenster Mash, Dragon Ball Cheese, Hamwise Gamgee, Revenge of the Swiss, Not Your Dad's Fried Bologna, and many, many more!


Kevin VanBlarcum is a brewer at Keegan Ales in Kingston, NY. After graduating from the University at Albany, he began pursuing a career in the brewing industry. Born and raised in the Catskill Mountains, Kevin currently resides in Pine Hill, New York. James Edward "Eddie" Davis has honed his skills as a chef from Brooklyn, NY to the Catskills. Eddie fell in love with the culinary arts and began to hone his skills at a local favorite, The Caboose.

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Written by Kevin VanBlarcum & James Edward Davis
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