Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fruits of Labor (Farmers Market Sampling)

A cool beautiful September morning seemed to complement the Apple Butter Meatballs we served at today's Farmers Market.  The meatballs, comprised of sweet Italian sausage, aged cheddar cheese and diced apples served in a homemade apple butter tasted just fine at the markets 8:30 am start time.  Both of the farm families we represented were busy selling their products the entire morning!

For 200 samples, I prepared 7 pounds of sausage and 20 pounds of apples. My hard work also paid off with a 100% health department inspection.

In many ways, it can be said that the farmers help others to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Market customers and busy vendors seem happy and support wellness in the community.  The farmers can feel a great sense of accomplishment when folks line up for their home grown products.  

In the harvest of my third year making healthy farm fresh samples, I so enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new and helping everyone to be masters of the fruits of their labor. 

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