Monday, May 20, 2019

Setting the Meal Backdrop

It's part of the master meal plan-providing a clean and inviting scene for eating. Plate arrangement, food safety and sanitation, orderliness of surroundings all contribute to the enjoyment of a meal. Whether eating at home or in a food service establishment, the environment is as important as the menu and the service. Take a seat and enjoy the meal with me:
  • Start with a pretty plate, basket, tray or lunchbox to place the food. Add cutlery as necessary with napkin and cup.
  • Trust that the food was prepared in a clean kitchen where food was stored and prepared at proper temperatures. Was hand washing frequent? 

  • Find a spot free of clutter, with a view that avoids piles of papers, boxes, dishes and garbage. 
  • Enjoy a meal without a screen or even a "to do" list in front of you.
  • Try to allow at least 20 minutes of actual eating time.
The plate or lunchbox can help in planning the meal components and portions. Think vegetables and fruit in half the compartments, whole grains in a quarter and lean protein in the rest. A 7 inch plate can make the portions appear larger. Adding a beverage of milk or plant based dairy contributes calcium, Vitamin D and B vitamins to the diet. 

The picture above was a picnic meal, served cold in a park setting. The plate base is covered with two whole grain tortillas, then topped with colorful vegetables and fruit. The roasted flank steak, seasoned with cumin, coriander and chili powder, was sliced thin and kept cold between ice bricks in transport. Shredded cheese provides some calcium to the meal in lieu of a calcium rich beverage. 

Eating outside, whether on the meal break or a picnic may be the perfect setting. Fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul.  Hiking is exercise and an appetite builder.



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  2. That is an inviting place setting, and the menu sounds divine as well.