Saturday, August 5, 2017

Competitors Yet Allies

The comradery of the farmers at the community market never ceases to amaze me.  "Even though we're competitors doesn't mean we can't help each other" says one when commenting how they help each other load fair animals they've been awarded after a competition.  I see that in my culinary sampling when my sponsor farm family (meat and poultry farmers) gather produce for the demo from other farmers.  I see that at the market when other vendors and volunteers help each other set up and tear down for the Saturday market.  I see that when one vendor publicizes another.  I see it in a form of barter when one person trades products or services for another. This group works happily together for the ultimate goal of providing healthy top quality foods for the community.

At today's market sampling we filled the fall like morning air with the aroma of curry sauce and freshly grilled vegetables.  Even some of the smallest of samplers enjoyed our offerings.   

In 2 1/2 hours at the market, we served 200 samples of Kibbi, Curry & Mid-East Vegetables.  I kept the meatballs and sauce hot in a 1 1/2 gallon commercial soup crock.

For the Mid-East Vegetables, I divided the seasonings and marinade among 6 gallon storage bags, then filled with cut vegetables yesterday.  The zipper bags were closed and I shook the vegetables to coat each with the seasonings.  When added to the hot grill today, the vegetables sizzled and the turmeric, garam masala and cumin drew customers in to sample even in the early am hour.

It's great to be a part of this terrific community.

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