Saturday, July 7, 2018

Blended Burger at the Farmers Market

I love the grass fed beef, shiitake mushrooms, crisp carrots and spring onions from the local farmers market-tasty alone and "over-the-hill" when combined. Unbeknown to me, the art of combining beef with other vegetables to create a healthy, sustainable and flavorful recipe is part of a now four year project developed by the James Beard Foundation. At this monthly "sampling" we offer at our outdoor market, we served ours as a meatball to over 250 customers.

I first washed and chopped the vegetables in a food processor. 
I sauteed the vegetables in olive oil and drained thoroughly before combining with the raw beef, egg and seasonings in a mixing bowl.   I portioned the meatballs with a 1 tablespoon scoop onto parchment lined baking sheets and baked for about 15 minutes, when the interior registered 165 F with a meat thermometer.  To serve at the market, I covered in a simple Italian tomato sauce and served from a commercial soup crock.  For 250 servings, I needed 7 pounds of beef and equal amounts of vegetables.

Here is the recipe for 32 meatballs.  These could be be portioned into patties, larger meatballs or even meat loaf for a tasty entree that requires no condiments!

People of all ages love meatballs!

Since I'm up at 430 baking meatballs (and worked the entire day before to prepare ingredients), I'm always thankful to my husband who draws customers to our table and is an awesome public relations promoter for our profession and the farmers.  Today he was joined by dietetic intern Alleda and a dietetic student Kasey.  Bob highlights the need for RDNs to provide this type of outreach to the community members before they become sick.