Sunday, October 8, 2017

Farm Fresh Sampling Nurture City

Farmers markets may be the best venue to unite folks wanting fresh, local, whole foods to nurture their families. At our monthly culinary samplings we provide tastes of meats and vegetables prepared with these seasonal foods. Today we're promoting pre-orders of Thanksgiving turkeys and an assortment of fall produce in a vegetable soup.

The soup recipe, while calling for a total volume of assorted produce, does not specify which vegetables.  Do you ever know exactly what volume of diced butternut squash you get from one squash?  Last week market vendors donated one cabbage, one head of celery, two butternut squash, and two large sweet potatoes, along with a few onions and garlic heads to use in the soup.  I bought a pie pumpkin elsewhere.  The seasoning in this recipe defines fall and a unique taste that may be unfamiliar to some.  

The turkey tenderloins were roasted the day before, sliced and served cold on top the cup of soup.  Turkey tenderloins are the inside of the breast-white meat- and take only an hour or so to roast (internal temperature of 165F).  These are perfect size for one family meal or a few days of deli turkey.

We served 175 customers in 3 hours.

My time is volunteered.  WorkingHFarms provides the meat and facility to prepare, along with paying for our table space.  Mountain Harvest Farms, who coordinate a CSA with WorkingHFarms, provide on-going produce.  The other farm vendors (this week DeBerry, Charm Farm and Lee Farms) also donated produce this week and seem to love the sampling.  We certainly love the camaraderie.     


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