Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gain a Boost with Market Sampling

After eating her meatball, this young customer sipped the vegetables and whole grains in the Italian Wedding Soup sample, enjoying every last bit! Farmers Market Sampling promotes the farmers, a balanced diet, healthy meals, sustainability, the local economy and making food at home.

For our 3 hour sampling at the market, we prepare 220 samples.  Each sample was served in a 3 ounce cup featuring 1 meatball and about 2 ounce of soup.  The meatballs not only contain grass fed beef and cage free eggs, but also whole grain cornmeal.  There are many seasonal vegetables in the soup with an array of colors and nutrients in the carrots and spinach. A bonus in our soup is that we substitute whole grain sorghum for the pasta.

We prepared 12 times this home style recipe for the sampling:
I'm so encouraged by the sustainable meat and array of vegetables that our local farmers grown and sell.  I applaud the few local farmers who are expanding their fields to include whole grains.  Here's the growing sorghum plants grown at a Preston County farm:

Once harvested, the canes will be pressed into molasses and the berries dried and sold or grown into flour.

We appreciate Dietetic Intern Mina's help serving samples and telling everyone how good the soup was!

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