Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sorbet Smiles

Mango Sorbet, molded in grapefruit halves, then sliced-were darling treats served after dinner with fresh mango slices.  The idea was inspired by Bon Appetit.  I used an electric knife to cut the wedges.  I bet these are super cute in orange cups. . . or lemon or lime cups!

Dinner was cod packets cooked in parchment with fresh vegetables.  The fresh green beans were picked today by Dorothy and sold at the Westover Farmers Market.  My packets included celery I purchased today, tomatoes from my container garden-picked just before dinner, farmers market squash, carrots, scallions and garlic from previous markets.  Any vegetable works!  I simply added a few thyme sprigs, lemon wedges and juice, olive oil and a sprinkling of Mrs. Dash.  The cod is wild purchased frozen at Aldis.

Have a great evening!

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