Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Healthy 15

Food Service Director Magazine selects the HSC Cafeteria to the Healthy 15.  Our Healthy Café was chosen across all market segments for providing a healthy dining environment.

Success is attributed to great service, hard work, an attractive clean environment and the food.
In 2007 we were recognized by the Whole Grains Council.  We buy many of our grains and beans locally.
We make most of our food from scratch using healthy ingredients and many colorful vegetables.
We bake our own deli turkey breast and beef which is unseasoned with no added salt.
Since 2004 we've posted nutrition labels on every item.  These are linked to our public on line menu
Vegetables are washed and cut on site.  Low sodium, high fiber beans are featured throughout.
Our desserts have less than 12 grams of added sugar.  Popular grainy muffins are served daily.
The latest in evidence based research is translated into practical solutions on our menu.  That's my role as a Registered Dietitian, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member and healthy food expert!

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