Saturday, July 5, 2014

Farmer's Market: Mozzarella Grainy Bread

What a beautiful day for a Farmer's Market and the 1st Saturday of every month, we demo at the Morgantown Farmer's Market pavilion as part of WVU Healthcare's Community Service.  Executive Chef Brandon Wade quickly accepted my request to help at his one, as grilling in front of hundreds of people made me nervous.  Brandon was awesome!

 The recipe is a simple one, with the key being local fresh whole ingredients.  We took New Day Bakery's 7 Grain Bread, placed it on the heated grill, brushed with Earth Blend Buttery Spread, added freshly sliced stem tomatoes from Yarnick's Farms, topped with part skim Mozzarella, then fresh Basil from Alexander's Farm.  Brandon covered these to melt the cheese. 

The smell of the fresh basil permeated the entire Farmer's Market pavilion.  Brandon rolled the fresh basil and cut in chevrons prior to use.  Customers loved these fresh grilled samples!

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