Monday, November 30, 2015

Stress Buster Snacks to Go

The holiday season is often full of deadlines and parties and high calorie foods and drink.  With shopping, travel, a full calendar and less daylight to deal with the tasks- it's good to be prepared with healthy snacks.  Dried fruits and nuts, properly portioned, provide fiber and vitamins and controlled calories that won't derail a diet.

Today I join the conversation hosted by about on-the-go snacking.  I took the above photo of the snack packs I made for a 1400 mile trip earlier in the year.  The little clementine tangerines are now in season.  They are easy to peel and good to keep handy for any hunger attacks between meals.  

I make healthy snack packs year round by packing snack size zipper bags with dried fruit and nuts, referring to the portion size on the label.  Pecans, almonds and walnuts are easy to eat in the car.  Raisins, dates, figs and apricots are good.  Did you know that dried plums (prunes) are sold individually wrapped?  I put  the whole bag of these in the car-always handy when I need them.  

While pistachios may take a little longer to shell, I often sit in the parking lot at my water aerobics class and take a few minutes to get some good fats and gain energy to last till my after workout meal.

I pack a carrier with snack packs in the middle and travel supplies (hand sanitizer, pen, coupons, etc.) on the outside

and store it between the seats in the car: offers several Healthy Snacks  handouts and sells nuts, flours, herbs and spices, seeds and more.

 "Go nuts this holiday!"

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