Thursday, March 19, 2015

Enticing People to Eat Healthy (A Shout Out to the HRDC)

My first trip to the Tri Towns Senior Center with my Mom was a reaffirmation that being with loved ones entices one to eat.  Mom's tray was served, and when I returned to the table after picking up my own tray-she'd already eaten everything on her tray!  The food was delicious.  All of the ladies (6 in all) at the table finished the entire meal including their 1% white milk.  What a nice place!  My 89 year old Mother is pictured above with her long time friend. 

I recently retired from my job managing a Healthy Cafe at a major medical center where it was my mission to entice customers to choose healthy.  It wasn't just about the healthy menu items, but also the environment and the service.  Cleanliness, stocking, marketing, having attentive staff in place all play a role in encouraging customers to eat.

The same holds true at home.  In our home we always eat dinner together at the bar, face to face with a pretty setting along with the nutritious meal.  We did this when the kids were young too-with 4 stools instead of 2.  It was cozy, always healthy and a time to be together.  

Managing a staff of 25 and serving 1200 meals a day was challenging, but so worth it when customers showed their appreciation and wanted to eat healthy.  Managing a household also has its challenges but meals can also be fun and a creative outlet for the family.  

A big shout out to the Allegany County (Westernport, Md) Senior Center ! 

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