Saturday, December 16, 2017

Perfect Holiday Finger Foods

The Pizza Roll recipe from Clean Eating Magazine, paired with tangerines and grapes, made the perfect Saturday night supper.  The flavor pairings of unami (mushrooms) and salty (olives) combined with sweetness (tangerines) was satisfying and the whole grain rolls, baked on a pizza stone, were soft and delicious.  Our son, Bob and I each ate 3 rolls!  I ground the red spring wheat berries today to use as the flour in the recipe.  My marinara sauce is home canned.

Pizza Rolls

(12 Rolls)

In bowl of electric mixer with dough hook in place, mix 1 cup flour and yeast.  Add water and honey.  Beat at medium speed 2 minutes, scraping bowl down.
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 teaspoon instant yeast
1 cup warm (125F) water
1 tablespoon honey

Add 1/2 cup flour, salt and olive oil.  Beat at medium speed 2 minutes, scraping bowl down.
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon olive oil

Slowly add whole wheat flour, kneading on low speed until dough leaves sides of bowl, about 7 minutes.
3/4 cup whole wheat flour

Place in bowl sprayed with olive oil spray.  Turn dough.  Cover and let rise for 45-60 minutes.  
Saute mushrooms, peppers and onion in olive oil for about 8 minutes.
5 mushrooms (stems removed), diced
4 mini sweet peppers, diced
1/4 cup onion, diced
1 teaspoon olive oil.

Add garlic and saute an additional 2-3 minutes.  Empty into a bowl and cool.
2 cloves garlic, minced.
Empty into a bowl and cool.

Mix olives with sauteed vegetables.
2 tablespoon Kalamata olives, chopped

Punch dough down.  Turn onto board sprinkled with flour.  Roll to 14 X 8 inch rectangle.  Brush marinara sauce over dough to about 1/2 inch from ends.
3 tablespoon marinara sauce
Sprinkle with all of vegetable-olive mix.

Sprinkle with cheese.
1/2 cup aged cheddar cheese, shredded

Fold in short ends of dough. From long end of dough, roll and seal seam.  Cut roll into 12 pieces.  Place cut side up on parchment paper.  Press down slightly and sprinkle with additional cheese.
1/4 cup Gruyere or Parmigiano cheese, shredded

Transfer rolls with paper to a pizza stone preheated in a 425F oven.  (I use an inverted cookie sheet to hold the paper and rolls to carefully slide to the hot baking stone.)  Bake for 12 minutes.  Cool slightly on a cooling rack.



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