Friday, September 12, 2014

Fishy Family

Our meal for two is served "Family Style" tonight.  The menu included:
Aloo Gobi
Garden Tomatoes & Herbs
Wild Cod with Garlic, Arugula & Spinach

I posted the Masala Gobi recipe before.   I love this spicy blend.  Tonight I added peeled red potatoes to the cauliflower and ginger blend.

Since I was using the mini processor to prepare the garlic-ginger paste for the cauliflower, I decided to first chop fresh garlic and arugula-spinach mix for the cod topping.

The tomatoes and fresh herbs are from my container garden.

The cauliflower was a petite head purchased at Wednesday's Farmers Market.

Here's more of the unique produce I've purchased at the Farmers Markets this week:
We made a meal on 1 salmon fillet and roasted vegetables last night!  The little cantaloupe was a perfect size for Bob and Cindy:)  It was only 50 cents!

I'll be attending Morgantown's Farmers Market tomorrow.  I love to be surprised and buy something unique and nutrient dense!

Happy Friday!

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