Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Re-framing the Issue (Favorite FNCE Quotes)

FNCE 2015 was one of my favorite of the dozen or more conferences I've attended.  (My first FNCE was in 1974!)  Opening session was special, starting with the country music trio singing the Star Spangled Banner a cappella.  I was delighted to see West Virginia member Adam Burda profiled in the opening video.  Evelyn Crayton, our 90th President, charmed the audience with the introduction of her large family.  The keynote speaker, Doug Rauch, inspired us with the details of The Daily Table project. 

The session, "Waste Not, Want Not" addressed how we can eat responsibly.   I'd love to see the restaurants offer smaller portions, as the meals I received at Nashville restaurants were twice as large as I needed.

The session, "Bitter-Sweet:  How Our Senses Impact Chronic Disease and Weight" highlighted case studies where those with sensitivities to bitterness show a significant difference in the intake of vegetables.  One can mask bitterness with cooking methods or a little sugar (or roasting to caramelize).

"Biodiversity:  Achieving an Abundance of Wholesome Foods from Healthy Ecosystems" explored the evidence that demonstrates how food choices can restore biodiversity and create an equitable food system.  Our personal behaviors impact our practice behaviors. When offering a recipe, offer plant based substitutes.  

My favorite sessions were actually the culinary demos.  This is the first time I got my husband a guest pass, and he enjoyed the opening session and exhibits, where he occasionally handed out my blog cards.  It was especially nice for Bob to attend the Nutrition Blog Network and Stone Soup receptions.  Since my retirement in March, testing home style recipes and sharing these through these blogs. have been the highlight of my career.  

Thanks to those who inspire and encourage and support! 


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