Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why I Write for Stone Soup

I spent most of my Dietetics career planning and feeding healthy meals to large groups of people.  My role serving 1400 meals a day and supervising 2 dozen food service employees was a challenge.  My goal to entice customers to choose healthy was a mission that took me two decades.  The food, the service and the surroundings could make or break a customer's day in the cafeteria just as they can influence family members in meals at home.  The job was detailed, tedious and sometimes frustrating. 

Planning, preparing and serving healthy home meals is enjoyable and rewarding. Retirement gives me time to create even more healthy recipes and meals.

Why do I write for Stone Soup?

  • I like to share my meals, recipes and photographs with an interested audience.
  • I stay abreast of the latest evidence based research to support nutrient and ingredients in meals and recipes.
  • I keep informed of the latest food trends.
  • I use foods in season.
  • I try new and different foods.
  • Every two months, the editor sends out "challenges" to bloggers, suggesting post topics for the next period.  The topics include topics I have to research. For example, one of the topics was "sustainable seafood".  I should (but didn't) know much about the topic.Now I'm better able to choose healthy seafood for me and the environment.
  • I've become a better writer.  In more posts, I include more "how tos" and "whys" beyond the recipe.
  • I renewed my authenticity in recipe writing and accuracy.  When my "pitch" was accepted for a carbohydrate conscious recipe in the diabetes issue of Food and Nutrition Magazine, I was sent a digital scale and tested, repeated, and followed detailed guidelines for international readers.
  • I love to create recipes, styled photo settings and posts.
  • I contribute to the profession.  Bob Schieffer, retired American journalist, summed it up when he said "Old people like to be asked their opinion".  This is my chance after retirement to contribute to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and feel worthy of the Registered Dietitian credentials.  

My latest post for Stone Soup:

    "A Bunch of Reasons to Cook Seafood in Banana Leaves"


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