Sunday, June 5, 2016

Protecting Food Safety at Farmers Market Culinary Demos

It was another successful culinary demo at the summer farmers market with 200 food samples given, along with refreshing flavored water and a unique tip for making eggs for egg salad.  Perhaps the best report was the mark given from the local registered sanitarian:  100% on an unplanned health inspection near the end of the market.  Registered dietitians know how to keep food safe!  Here are my tips:

Protecting Food Safety at Farmer Market Demos 

  • Food preparations are done in an approved kitchen.
      Eggs, prepared 2 days in advance, were baked to an internal temperature of 160 F,
      cooled quickly and chilled.

      Vegetables were washed and cut 1 day in advance.  Eggs were chopped last
      and mixed with vegetables and dressing ingredients.
  • Plastic gloves are worn to cut and handle foods that will not be reheated.
  • Hands are washed frequently and gloves changed.
    • Prepared cold foods are stored in thin layers in labelled containers and refrigerated at 40 F. or less.
             Prepared egg salad was placed in 1 quart zipper bags and labelled with the use by    
             date. These were transported in insulated containers and stored between ice blocks.
             Once removed from the cooler, each bag of prepared food was served within 1/2
             hour duration. 
    • Hand washing sink and paper towels are located at the point of service.
    • Cleaning rag is soaking in a sanitizing solution labelled to include the concentration.     This solution is changed every 2 hours.
    • Bug guards are available and used when needed at point of service.
    • The servers are trained and dressed appropriately.
             Food handlers permits were obtained through the local health department after    
             completing training class.  

             Server wears a clean apron, hair restraint and safe shoes covering the toes.
             Plastic gloves are worn, hands washed and gloves changed frequently.

    Confetti Egg Salad on Cucumber Slice

    Today's tasting was egg salad made with colorful vegetables, placed on a cucumber slice and garnished with a fresh pea shoot.  The eggs, radishes, garlic scapes, cucumbers and pea shoot were all raised by farmers at the market.  My sponsor raises the free range chickens which lay huge brown eggs with dark yolks.  The eggs, the garlic, the radishes and the pea shoot garnish moved the bar way up on egg salad.  (It was delicious).

    The hardest part of making egg salad-shelling the eggs-was eliminated through baking.  I broke the eggs into a parchment paper lined pan and baked at 350 F. until internal temperature reached 160 F., for about 30 minutes.  This is not a good way to eat eggs with a fork, but a great way to cook the eggs to be chopped for salad.

    Confetti Egg Salad

    (200-1 tablespoon servings)

    4 dozen eggs
    2 cups celery, minced
    2 cups carrots, peeled and minced
    3/4 cup garlic scapes, minced
    1 cup radishes, minced
    1 cup Dijon mustard
    2 cups mayonnaise
    2 teaspoon black pepper

    Mince vegetables and chop eggs.  Mix with mustard, mayonnaise and black pepper.
    *To bake eggs, break into a parchment paper lined pan.  Bake at 350 F. until internal temperature reaches 160 F., about 20 minutes.
    A 9 X 14 inch baking pan held 1 dozen eggs.   

    The cold flavored water was a recipe from the WVU Extension Service "Rethink Your Drink Campaign".  Ours has oranges, basil and blueberries.

     The clientele at the Farmers Market are health conscious, enthusiastic and grateful to meet the registered dietitian and farmers who share the same enthusiasm.  


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    1. We have tons of Cucumbers too, never thought about topping them with egg salad ( we have lots of fresh eggs too.:)