Saturday, March 30, 2019

Band of Colleagues Master Whole Grains

It's Whole Grains Sampling Day 2019-the last Wednesday of March (National Nutrition Month)-a day the Whole Grains Council recognizes as a day to encourage everyone to try a new whole grain. This day was recognized at WVU Davis College with a 2 hour class of recognized dietitian nutritionists, dietetic interns, grain growers, producers and life long learners.  

The class began with a review of whole grains A-W.  There were examples of what to make with each at home in berry, flour and pasta form.  First we covered the gluten free grains, took a networking break, then covered the gluten containing grains.  During that time we demonstrated how to use a counter top flour mill by grinding wheat, spelt, barley, millet, lentils and dry beans to make Ezekiel flour.  We made everyone an availability chart of where to find grains and flour at 12 locations up and down the I-79 corridor.  Local growers were in attendance-who gave us samples of whole grain flour.  Pictures of the grains growing locally were included in the slide set. 

We concluded with a meal featuring Minestrone Bulgur & Lentil Soup, a flatbread cracker and a layered vegetable salad.    The young professionals in training-the WVU Dietetic Interns- (pictured at top) were ready assistants who packed samples, made soup and salads.  The soup and cracker are pictured below:

Everyone had a sample bag to take home which included a pound of local whole grain flour, enough Ezekiel flour to make cookies,  enough Kamut to make a carrot raisin salad and homemade fennel muesli.   

Whole grain recipes are everywhere!  This was a day to entice the practitioners!   

Recognized Dietitian Nutritionists received 1.5 hours of continuing education credit for attending.  The one evaluation question asked was what new whole grain will you try at home?  Answers to date include sorghum, teff, Kamut raisin salad and oat flour pizza crust.

My favorite whole grains are endless!



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