Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Put an Egg on it

Eggs are economical, an excellent source of nutrients and easy to prepare. There's no need to wait for National Egg Day (June 3rd) to enjoy them.

At 25 cents an egg, I get essential nutrients for brain and memory development and complete protein to support bones and muscles. The American Heart Association now says eggs can be part of a healthy diet, up to 2 a day for older adults.

Tonight I'll meet our area farmer to buy cage free eggs from free range chickens. The yolks are a deep yellow. I store them in the carton in the refrigerator as the shells can absorb odors from other foods.

Eggs are fine alone, with a little pepper.  Many eat eggs with sausage or bacon. Eggs also pair well with asparagus, mushrooms, potatoes and onions.

I say "put an egg on it" to many foods. My picture above is an egg with bean salsa over a corn waffle. Here are meals with eggs

  • Over noodles

  • On a grain bowl

  • With baked beans and Canadian Bacon

  • Over a salad

  • In potatoes

  • Baked with Ratatouille

  • Baked in a Bread Roll 

    I'll conclude with a couple tips for recipe development, the first I used for many years as  Retail Manager for a large cafeteria. 
    10 eggs per pint per pound
    1 whole egg = 2 egg whites



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