Thursday, March 15, 2018

Go Further With Food at the Farmers Market

Even during the winter season, I find foods I want at the local farmers market.  There are fresh eggs with dark orange yolks, shallots and onions just the size I need.  I find garlic with large, easy peeled cloves and golden potatoes.  There's celery root that's tasty in beef roasts from pasture raised cows.  There are dried beans, good for eating and planting with directions from the original grower.  There's popcorn when popped that's better than any you've ever tasted!  

The greens and spinach didn't wait till the official calendar said it was time for "spring" greens.  I found large beets to make red velvet cupcakes and brussel sprouts for roasting.  There are pork tenderloins that make any meal special.  

I can always find a sweet treat from the baker who's even sweeter than the goods she sells.

What I value most from the Farmers Market are the friends I have made.  The lines may be long at the individual tables, but everyone smiles, thanks you and remembers your name.  I'm lucky that the farm families I'm close to have a nearby store, where I stop weekly, talk, learn and shop.

What began with food goes further with friends and learning.  Fresh, nutrient rich nourishment and social interaction-I accomplish all these at the winter market.

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