Monday, November 5, 2018

Echos of Samplings at the Farmers Market

With four years of monthly samplings at the market under my belt, here are my take aways:

  • This was a challenge, something I'd never done before.  Entertaining was somewhat new to me.
  • My background in Food Service made me a master at sanitation.  I received 100% on all health department inspection.  I was never going to make anyone sick.
  • Incorporating meat or poultry, produce, grains and dairy into my samplings gave the customer a taste of the entire market and a model for nutrient dense meals to make at home.
  • Keeping abreast of current offerings, calendars and popular magazines helped me incorporate seasonal ingredients into the sampling.
  • I couldn't have done it without my husband.  2 gallons of prepared soup or sauce with equipment was heavy and two people were necessary to transport.  He had the charisma to draw people to our table and keep the conversation going.  On the days we grilled, he manned the griddle while I served 

  • The customers enjoyed the samplings.  Just as they went to certain tables at every market, they came to ours.  Customers tried the recipes and would return to tell me about that.
  •  The children liked the samplings.
  • The samplings enhanced the aura. The farmers are happy to talk to customers, answer questions and share experiences.  Customers from the community value that experience.


  • I have never seen people work harder in my life than the farmers.
  • The farmers wanted to donate and see you incorporate their products.
  • The dietetic students, interns and faculty liked to help and promoted our work at the market.
  • The profession and state affiliation received positive PR.  
  • Other RDNs offered help.  The first year when I represented the hospital, the department RDNs and chef volunteered to help.  These are memories I'll never forget.

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