Friday, December 12, 2014

Picnic Passion

Time together in a pretty place with good food is how many couples like to spend their days off.  Last summer we did just that.  Like our parents and grandparents many years ago, we packed a picnic and traveled to nearby parks on pretty Sunday afternoons.

The scenery included dams, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, log cabins, forts, stone bridges and trails.

The food included seafood, poultry, beef, cheese, salads, melon, apples, muffins, loaves, crisps, parfaits and tarts.

We traveled to 18 parks, all within driving range of our Morgantown, West Virginia home:
Prickett's Fort and Valley Falls in Marion County,

Teter Creek Lake in Barbour County (WV), Savage River Dam in Maryland,

Ryerson Station State Park in West Greene County, Pennyslvania and Audra State Park in Barbour County (WV), like the other 12, are all places I'd recommend . 

We found tables high in the air and on the side of mountains.

One day we ate on a rock, another day we walked around a locked gate to access a table.

My favorite picnic was the day it rained and we found a dry spot in a pavilion where the day school kids and their counselors admired our outing and learned life lessons on staying together!  
Like at home, our meals included lots of vegetables and fruit, with lean protein and whole grains.  I usually made much of the food the day before, then chilled and transported in ice packs to keep it cold.

Later in the season we purchased a second thermos and made homemade soup for the center of the plate.  (We always took a thermos of coffee to enjoy after each meal).

We made lots of memories and look forward to another season and a roadside table on the West Virginia byways!

To view each of our meals, refer to the Picnic Index on the left side of this blog.

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