Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chili November

On this last outdoor farmers market of the season we featured Chili Con Carne with Apples at our culinary demo.  I'd planned to feature a Beef Chili at the November Market, when I was challenged by one of the farmers to "do something with apples".  Not a problem, since apples go well with chili.  This chili has diced apples and apple juice right in the soup!  The aroma of the hot soup circled the market, and even the customers at 8:30 am did not hesitate to give it a try.  The chili was made with:

  • Grass fed, chemical free cows.
  • Pinto beans, dried on the vines in Terra Alta, West Virginia.
  • Produce from farmers committed to organic practices
  • That special ingredient-apples-from a local farm
  • Aged cheddar cheese garnish, a local artisan cheese.
I made 4 batches of this recipe, serving some 170 customers 3 ounce servings:

 To my delight, the children of the market attendees loved the  recipe!

The water infused with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg was also a hit, even on this cool day!

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