Saturday, November 26, 2016

Homemade Turkey Bouillon Cubes

After roasting my first fresh turkey of the season on Thursday, I made turkey bouillon cubes the following days.  The process is simple:

  • Strain the broth from the bottom of the roasting pan into a clean shallow pan.  I used a 9 X 14 inch cake pan with a lid. 
  • Refrigerate the broth overnight.
  • Remove the fat layer from the top of the broth and discard.  The fat rises to the top of the broth after cooling and is very easy to remove. 
  • Scoop the broth into clean ice cube trays and freeze overnight.
Remove bouillon cubes from ice trays.  Place in a storage container with a lid.  Freeze and remove cubes as needed.

To make a delicious homemade stock, use 1 ice (bouillon cube) per cup of water-just like when using purchased bouillon cubes.  


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