Sunday, August 4, 2019

No Fuss Roasted Turkey Tenderloins

Replace the salty deli meat with home roasted turkey tenderloins.  These boneless, skinless white loins from the inside center of the turkey breast roast in less than 60 minutes. They taste just like the large roasted turkeys we eat at the holidays without the fuss.  In comparison to deli meat, there are no fillers and no additives.  Unlike processed deli meat, the turkey tenderloins are not a source of listeria.

Some of the chain grocery store carry packages of raw turkey tenderloins in the fresh meat area near the ground turkey and turkey sausage.  I look for the kind that is unseasoned.  I was very happy when my local farm store owners offered to save the loins for me when they processed their turkeys.

The loins were each perfect sizes for a meal-about 6 ounces of raw meat.  I was especially grateful to my local farm friends for these special cuts of grass fed free range turkey tenderloins.
Roasting Turkey Tenderloins
  • Rinse the raw tenderloin with cold water.  
  • Season with a no salt seasoning blend.  I use a lemon-pepper blend. 
  • Roast in a 325 F. oven until internal temperature reaches 165 F.  Using a thermometer, take the temperature of the loin after 30 minutes of roasting. Repeat every 15 minutes until the temperature reaches 165.
  • Slice thinly. I use an electric knife. 
For the game day platter pictured above, I cooked the tenderloin in the crock pot on low for 1 hour.  The turkey is accompanied with fresh raw vegetables, fresh pineapple and steamed asparagus.  The seeded artisan crackers on the side are whole grain.  

Roasted Turkey Tenderloin meals served hot are comparable to holiday turkey meals without the fuss.  That's Fig Glazed Turkey Tenderloin with Cornbread Stuffing above and Roasted Turkey Tenderloin with Pesto Baked Potato below.

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