Thursday, May 28, 2015

Skillet Surprise

I love our individual iron skillets, perfect for making and serving meals for one or two.  These spinach frittatas, a Trisha Yearwood recipe were super easy and super quick.  I turn on two small burners, cook two frittatas side by side until almost set, then transfer the skillets to the oven to broil.  Not hard to do, I just have to remember to use the pot holders and handle the very hot skillets with care.  Here's the recipe:

Spinach Frittata

(Serves 2) 

Saute shallots in oil for 5 minutes.
1 small shallot, diced
1 teaspoon olive oil

Add spinach and saute for 3 minutes, turning once, until wilted.
2 cups fresh spinach, stems removed

Pour egg, milk and seasoning mix in skillets.
2 eggs
1/4 cup evaporated skim milk
1/2 teaspoon Mrs. Dash
Fresh ground pepper

Add tomatoes and cheese.
1/2 cup grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup Swiss cheese, grated
Cook until almost set, 2-3 minutes.

Transfer skillets to oven and broil until golden brown, about 3 minutes.  

Today I traveled to Charleston with a colleague and friend to attend the memorial service for our mentor, Helen Lodge.   Helen's contributions to our profession were many. 


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